GC-9801 Gas Chromatograph


Microcomputer temperature controller, four-way, digital display.

Two kinds of commonly used detectors are optional at the same time.

Can control temperature close to room temperature (room temperature +10℃).

Column oven with large capacity has auto back opening door. Can perform three-period program heating.

Optional configurations: packed column sample injector, capillary column sample injector, gas sample injector and so on.

With fault self-diagnosis function, displaying fault location and fault nature at any time.

Over temperature protection. When temperature of any way of the four ways exceeds set temperature, the instrument will stop heating automatically.

QBT 2929, GB/T10004-2008, YBB00132002

To test the smell and solvent residues of printed packaging materials; test the quality and purity of the solvent.

Working principle
Sample of gas, liquid or solid is processed and passes through vaporizing chamber, brought to chromatographic column separation system. Carried by nitrogen, the sample mixture passes and contacts the chromatographic column, and the composition components of the mixture are separated by chromatographic column. Then every separated component is brought to the detector system, and transformed by the detector to equivalent electronic signal, which is collected and recorded as data, so as to make qualitative and quantitative analysis of the components of the sample mixture.

Main machine body, hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID), chromatographic column, data workstation, software, installation fittings, sample injector, headspace bottle, sealing plier

Optional (for purchase): thermal conductivity detector (TCD), electronic capture detector (ECD), flame photometric detector (FPD), nitrogen and phosphor detector (NPD), chromatographic column.

Index of detectors

Thermal conductivity detector

Flame ionization detector

Electron capture detector

Flame photometric detector





Sensitivity (limit of detection)








Baseline noise





Baseline shift

≤60μv /30min




Linearity range





Settling time






2. Other parameters:

Temperature range

room temperature +10℃ ~ 400℃

Temperature controlling accuracy ±0.5%

Temperature resolution


Program period number 3 periods

Temperature rise speed


Repeatability of temperature programming


Column oven size

250mm × 250mm × 180mm

Instrument size 500mm × 540mm × 480mm
Instrument weight 35 kg